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Your donation of time, supplies, or money can help save the lives of countless stray and abandoned animals.

Sponsor an Animal

We understand that perhaps you can't adopt right now, but you still want to make a difference in these animals' lives. Please consider sponsoring one of our pets for just ten dollars a month. You'll get updates on your sponsored pets, and your generous donation helps us to provide our pets with the exceptional care and compassion you expect from Paradise Garden. In fact, you can make a donation in any amount, but our appreciation will be infinite. Please read more about our programs to learn how we use our donations to further our mission. All donations are tax-deductible.


There are many volunteer opportunities at Paradise Garden Animal Haven! If you love animals and you want to make a difference, we are always looking for mature folks who can help in our spay/neuter clinics and volunteers of all kinds who can help socialize our animals--yes, that means play with them!--clean, do office work, and more. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a PGAH volunteer, because we are very interested in hearing from you!

If you want to volunteer your services, but don't have a way to get to our shelter or your schedule doesn't work with ours, you can still help! Some of our favorite volunteer projects are those done with creative flair, for the love of our animals. Check out our cat play-space made out of a changing table. Our cats love this volunteer's creative contribution!


Besides the expense of our programs, each week we need 200 pounds of wood pellet litter, as well as paper towels, rubber gloves, bleach, cotton swabs, plastic garbage bags, and bedding, just to name a few items. All donations of goods, services, and funds are tax-deductible. Please help in any way you feel comfortable, but please help!

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Purchase PGAH Gear

Your purchase of our Paradise Garden Animal Haven gear helps support our operations and further our mission! If you're interested in purchasing our products, please contact us.

Animal Overpopulation is a Community Problem

High quality, low-cost spay/neuter services are available to area residents for their cats and dogs. These clinics, intended for area residents who can't afford the spay/neuter fees charged at the vet office or who have an abundance of pets (e.g. cat colonies), are held at least four times a month at the Chemung County SPCA on Rt. 352 between Big Flats, NY, and Elmira, NY.

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Our TNR program is for those residents who wish to address cat population problems on their properties. We will assist you in trapping your cats, getting them fixed, and releasing them on your property. No more unwanted kittens!

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